After a long day at work yesterday, I found that my cleavage was unusually tanned for a winters day.  On closer inspection, I just had heaps of ground coffee down my top... I then found it in my armpits and toes, my hands looked like I'd tried a fake tan jobby...and gone five shades too dark.   
Although I have been making coffee for a number of years now, I still have not learnt to dress appropriately for work. Two 'rules' I always thought were dumb:
           Black covered in shoes
           No low-cut tops or singlets
I have only JUST realised that this is for my comfort(and knife safety), not their anal retention.   

The wreckage of my very best second-hand score

These two images show off my coffee jandal-tan...

I swear tomorrow I will were black closed toe shoes.. if they look good with my outfit...


Stella said...

You should track down those ones you had at spewponte... p.s. I'm sure you can get the coffee off your shoes! Maybe put them in the sun or something... And also, Im nearly finished with the shop - yay!

knightlight said...

i bought some coffee ground yesterday from boaty and the lovely smell of it on the way hm reminded me of your "girl w large coffee cup" drawing!
miss you!!!!! and you coffee tanned wee toes!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rosa! I got your pic in the mail today, I LOVE it eeeeeeeeeeeee, thankyou so so much.
We are off up norf tonight so I will be taking it to show off.
And Im going to see Stella, which will be cool, as we have never really met, only on the blog world, funny, it'll be like those people that internet date and then finally meet, haha.
Thanks again xxxxxxx