I love it when you talk Derby

AAaaahhhh another great Bout at the Hordern Pavillion.  Now that we have skates, the reality of us making our debut onto this lemonade polished concrete track seems a lot further away.  We haven't quite mastered stopping, let alone hazard avoiding, weaving, skating backwards, knee slides etc.. Maybe this time next year.. maybe..  I have a whole new appreciation for these hot bitches.

So here's where we're at.... definitely more confident, but still not so good at's more of a "EXCUSE ME MA'AM, BUT I CANNN'TTTTT STOP, CAN YOU MOVVVVEEEE PLEASE!!!!!" situation. 
Thanks to Piri, we have evidence that we actually can stay upright on our skates woop, LOOK AT US!

Please welcome Miss Striker Pose and Sensei Easy Tiger  


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