Mother Mullet

You remember this little guy ... well I'd like to introduce you to Mother Mullet.  Here she is in all her glory at her 4th birthday party. Oh joy!!! It was perfectly acceptable in 1990, we all look ridiculous, it IS NOT acceptable in 2008.
I do have to say though, that my haircut (right of birthday girl) is somewhat worse than anyone else's.. For me it was more about where my creativity would take me, and if that meant smashing our best hand-painted cups in the bath, or a hideous selfsie on the bangs, so be it. 


Little Kiwi Chick said...

Ohh, childhood in NZ... all my photos from growing up look like this! I don't know if kids these days will ever dress the way we used to back then... we didn't seem to care/notice? But these days kids are so fashion conscious at such a young age! Fun pics :o)

Stella said...

Haha! Zoe is hilarious! And look at that mean bike she got! Talk about spoilt! I bet we were insanely jealous of her...