In the middle of one of my usual sleepless nights,  I decided to start a round of what I like to call 'Fivesies' with Dean.  A list of five very unique 'things' was produced, for her to draw.

I have been watching a lot of British panel shows lately so you can see where my inspiration for this 'game' came from.. My email started with 'This is a quick-fire round, you will be given 5 objects bla bla..' and I feel like I wasn't trying to be funny, I think I really meant it.. I asked her to get crackin' on a fortune cookie, a sausage dog, a paper bag from a cafe, some cacti and a kitchen bench.

She took a moment to think, then delivered me an equally interested set of objects to try my hand at drawing.. these are them: a ship in a bottle, a pencil with eraser, a sailor, a bridge, and a hobby horse!

So what I am wondering, is if any of you are interested in participating in a round with us? It's a whole bloody lot funner than I was expecting!

Check here for you items and post them there if you are game!  Mine will be up tomorrow.

Meet Chios x

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(sweetlittle)librarygirl said...

Hilarious!! But I'm a non-drawer so I'm gunna be part of your audience instead! xx