For Christmas last year I painted my favorite little ones as their 'Animorph'.  Ever since my darling friend introduced me to this game by exclaiming 'I'm clearly a pterodactyl' I have been obsessed.

Finding a true Animorph is a difficult task, some of us have many.. this guy is absolutely a snake AND a camel.
Eleanor, the eldest of my subjects is one of these examples (see here).  She transforms from one beautiful animal to another so frequently its hard to keep up!  But I had to start with one, so I went with her gentle, snuggly but ever so cheeky cat traits.

Ellie-Cat with Miss Pterodactyl x


Angela Noelle said...

Very sweet!

Notchka said...

Camel and a snake - hehe, you're so naughty! But it makes me wonder what I am - now I must know!!