Milk, cream, butter & buttermilk

Inspired by my favourite book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I have decided to take on a bit more of a challenge with my food sourcing, preparing and eating habits.  Being more conscious and resourceful is something I feel really strongly about but have not really practiced these habits when it comes to what I eat.  Over the summer I managed to live off 80% locally grown/produced food, but winter is a little harder!  Although, having just moved to Hawkes Bay I have actually made things a whole lot easier..

In the following weeks I will be posting photos of my efforts, along with re-reading A,V,M and another goody from the Riverford farm so this could get intense!!! 

This week I found my new milk supplier!  Stoked!  This milk is fresher than fresh, and if I leave it to settle in the fridge overnight, by morning I get a nice cream top perfect for making butter.  Livin' the dream yeowwww!

Butter is so simple to make!
Grab a jar for your cream, add some salt and shake!  Once it develops its colour and form, pour off the liquid into a separate container.   Give your butter a wash and squeeze (!) with cold water.  Then the residue liquid can be added to the container and shizaammm you have buttermilk too!!

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