Hari huritau kia koe

This video was made as a birthday gift, I absolutely adore this girl, and her girl! I also adore making these videos! xx

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Fun jobbie for Bronwyn Williams from Crazy Chic healthy noodles all round this summer!

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Recently I was introduced to a lovely lady organising the Rangiora Food Swap.  I've never been so excited to work on a job as I was when I realised what she was up to!
Check this out.  Such a wonderful initiative. or

She got me thinking about doing good... I try my best, but can always do more, so I have decided to do this:

If you feel so inspired, I would love for you to share this around.  Or!  Join me..
I am hoping to start a food swap of my own also.  If there are any Aucklanders keen to be a part of something like this, gimme a yell and I will get the ball rolling!


Milk, cream, butter & buttermilk

Inspired by my favourite book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I have decided to take on a bit more of a challenge with my food sourcing, preparing and eating habits.  Being more conscious and resourceful is something I feel really strongly about but have not really practiced these habits when it comes to what I eat.  Over the summer I managed to live off 80% locally grown/produced food, but winter is a little harder!  Although, having just moved to Hawkes Bay I have actually made things a whole lot easier..

In the following weeks I will be posting photos of my efforts, along with re-reading A,V,M and another goody from the Riverford farm so this could get intense!!! 

This week I found my new milk supplier!  Stoked!  This milk is fresher than fresh, and if I leave it to settle in the fridge overnight, by morning I get a nice cream top perfect for making butter.  Livin' the dream yeowwww!

Butter is so simple to make!
Grab a jar for your cream, add some salt and shake!  Once it develops its colour and form, pour off the liquid into a separate container.   Give your butter a wash and squeeze (!) with cold water.  Then the residue liquid can be added to the container and shizaammm you have buttermilk too!!


Scribble Matchmaker

Neat opportunity to be matched up with another Illustrator and included in a fun wee project!  Check out the rest here