Op Shop Here: #1

New Zealand.. The land of plenty .. When we say 'plenty', we are obviously referring to the abundance of second hand shops.  I'm going to take you to a few of my favourites, starting here in Greta Valley.  Located between Kaikoura and Christchurch....somewhere....I found two very special stores, both a little above average price wise, but well worth a good scout and a chat.  Shop man at shop 2 happily traded one of my previous op-shop scores for a different (much nicer) version of the same thing..
If you're on the road in the south, be sure and stop at these two gems.  Stay tuned for more..


Widge said...

cool thanks for the info! we drive through there now and then :)

Rhiannon said...

your little starbursts are cute!
have you seen this website? is probably missing a few but sure does show how plentiful they really are!