Roller Skat(defla)ting

This image I drew a little while ago so perfectly depicts how I feel right now about my skating career....

Yesterday as I skated with Satomi around Sydney Uni, I thought 'Yes! Easy peezy! Watch out Derby, here I come...' I was so good, toot tooot!
Then tonight, feeling cocky after yesterdays win, I suggested to my surf-obsessed friend that we go for a night skate.  Off we go, Janne on her skateboard, down the street..gone..  me covered from head to toe in protective gear crawling out the doorway.. 'haha I nearly fell already' I jest... to myself..
So I skate for mmm about 3 mins then decide I'm 'too blind' to skate in the dark.. slash fuckin shit at skating. Aw man.  Nearly home,  Janne takes a look at my wrist guards 'I should get some of these' she says.. I promptly fall to the ground onto my arse (not protected) and kick her hard in the shin on the way down.  Ultimate fail.   

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Stella said...

you're funny!